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Holy develops a digital production system for industrial-scale composite manufacturing, that replaces traditional design, manufacturing and recycling solutions. The balance between high performance and sustainability can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Holy helps you stay ahead of competition, from rapid prototyping over reducing weight to achieving unparalleled sustainability. Together, we create a new category of components, that give you a competitive edge today and fortify your position for the demands of tomorrow.

What we do

The end of cutting fibers

Next-gen weight reduction

Our proprietary models compute the most efficient fiber paths in structural components, allowing for local reinforcements with roving-level precision, always using a continuous, undamaged fiber. Compared to traditional composite methods, we can reduce component weight up to 30%.

Designed for real circularity

We place a continuous fiber per component, and minimize damage by avoiding cutting, machining or drilling entirely. At the end of life we can extract the complete continuous fiber at >95% of its virgin material characteristics, and make it ready for re-manufacturing.

Unmatched CAD-to-Product speed

The end-to-end digital production system, allows us to accelerate every step from CAD-file to finished product. Our intelligent design models learn with every component built, and our manufacturing process is fully automized from start to finish. We aim to unlock up to 50% cost of production savings.

Industries we serve

Enter the future of lightweight manufacturing with us

We are your trusted partner from CAD-file to large-series.

Component Characteristics:

  • Flat geometries, without undercuts
  • 0.2m-2.0m component size
  • Carbon fiber only

Enhance vehicle performance with lighter, and more sustainable components to race ahead of your competition.

Exemplary Components:

  • Rear wing
  • Underbody
  • Engine hood

Save time in your manufacturing processes with our customizable, ultra-lightweight, orthopedic carbon fiber solutions.

Exemplary Components:

  • Lower Limb Orthoses
  • Prostheses
  • Wheel Chairs

From UAVs to electric boats, we help you to reduce weight, increase payloads and increase cost-efficiency - we want you to scale faster.

Exemplary Components:

  • Flaps
  • Wing structures
  • Foils

To support hardware scale-up in the energy transition, we develop highly efficient solutions tailored for cost-sensitive markets.

Exemplary Components:

  • Wind blades
  • Battery casings
  • Storage tanks

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