imagine a future where
we build to reuse

we accelerate the advent of circular vehicles

Collecting raw materials, transforming them into vehicles, and then into waste is a system unfit for the 21st century. We believe the faster the world stops relying on linear designed products and starts adopting circular ones, the better. Our ambition is to spearhead the technology transition from linear to circular vehicle design, with the ultimate goal to enable the world’s best vehicles in the face of the environmental crisis.

is a new type of deep technology company

With our roots in aerospace engineering, we work on the capability to construct vehicles at the highest performance and just a fraction of the material Co2 emissions. We believe circular technologies require a zero-compromise attitude towards performance. To that end, our obsession with sustainability and performance determines every decision we take.

introduces the world’s 1st circular carbon fiber technology

Holy’s vehicle components made out of carbon fiber can be fully upcycled. The technology is scalable, cost-competitive, and boasts performances matching even the demands of the Formula One. In the face of the environmental crisis, future vehicles must be lightweight and allow for the reuse of all materials at their end of life. Carbon fiber is the industry's most advanced material and is best suited for the task.


At holy, we come to work to do our part in the decarbonization of the vehicle industry. Do you share our vision? Are you intrigued by the challenge? And would you love to work at the intersection of sustainability and performance?

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