we reimagine the future
of lightweight manufacturing

recyclable carbon fiber components done right

Holy develops recyclable carbon fiber solutions for high-performance applications in Energy, Automotive and Aerospace. Holy’s technology unlocks an entirely new category of components, which have the potential to be significantly greener, lighter, and cheaper than the default.

is a new type of deep technology company

Carbon fiber components will play a critical role in the global energy transition towards the 1.5 °C goal of the Paris Agreement. Its unique material properties render carbon fiber the uncontested choice for an increasing quantity of lightweight applications within big markets, including Wind Energy, Automotive and Aerospace. By 2050, the recyclability and weight reduction of Holy Components result in a CO2-saving potential of several gigatons per year.

introduces the world’s 1st circular carbon fiber technology

The fibers of Holy components are reusable and maintain material properties fit for high-end performance applications over several lifecycles. Holy's groundbreaking simulation and fiber placement technology disrupt a long-outdated production process, with the ultimate goal to unlock the mass production of recyclable carbon fiber components.


Our ambition is to lead the technology transition from linear to circular lightweight manufacturing. Are you intrigued by the challenge? Are you interested to work on a meaningful solution in the race for our planet?

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