Let's lightweight
the way we move!

Lightweighting is the key to bringing cars, boats and aircraft into the future of mobility.

The power of lightweighting

Our mobility hardware has a weight problem. By reducing weight, we can enhance battery performance and increase payloads, allowing vehicles—whether terrestrial, aerial, or maritime—to move across greater distances with less energy consumption. As a result, entirely new forms of transportation, such as eVTOL’s, become feasible. For perspective a 100kg reduction in an A320 aircraft, translates to an annual saving of 10,000 litres of kerosene1. 22% of SMEs are already transitioning towards lightweight materials1, signifying an industry-wide shift that will just accelerate in the 21st century.

Composites are best suited for the task. Their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio make them essential for the massive lighweighting challenge. Yet, we need a fresh category of composite manufacturing: one that's radically more sustainable and affordable. Such improvements would make composites viable for a much broader array of applications, thereby substituting heavier materials, and triggering a dramatic lightweighting impact that can reach Co2-savings in the magnitude of gigatons.

The mission of Holy

Our ambition is to decarbonize lightweight manufacturing, by designing sustainable production systems that are extremely scalable. Our first system, the Infinite Component Platform, stands to cut the cost of production of composite components up to 50%, while making them 100% recyclable. We are always excited about meeting partners, investors and others who would like to contribute and learn more.

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